Friends of St. Georges

The principal aim of the Friends is to raise money to buy extras that the school budget struggles to support.  Recent purchases include a play house for the Reception play area.  In addition, the Friends have paid for a mobile Planetarium to visit and the entire school got to enjoy a trip to "Space".  The Friends have also helped support the school with new equipment including clipboards, art aprons and cooking equipment.

Every year each class will benefit from the fundraising that we do, through subsidised classroom activities.  We also organise a disco three times a year, a Christmas and Summer Fayre, and we invite in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus to give small gifts to the children.  We also pay for every child in Year 6 to have a t-shirt as a memento of their time in the school.

None of the above would be possible without the support and contributions of the children and their families.

The Committee comprises a Chairperson, who is the first point of contact with the school and many parents, a Treasurer and a Secretary.  In addition, other members take on a variety of tasks as needed throughout the school year, generate ideas for new events and also decide how the money is spent on the school. Fresh faces and new ideas are always a great help. There is no big time commitment.

The things we need the most help with are, for example:

Everyone is welcome to be a Friend of St George’s, whether you’re a member of the local community, or connected to children at the school. You could run or help out on a stall at an event, provide raffle prizes or sell raffle tickets, or just come along and spend some money: you know it’s all going to a good cause and you’re guaranteed to have fun.  So come along – get involved. Meet other parents, discuss ideas, or just see what goes on behind the scenes. There is no time commitment just enthusiasm needed.  Meetings are advertised in the weekly newsletter, on the Friends’ noticeboard and on the Friends of St. George's Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Please contact any of the following people if you would like to help:
- Michelle Walsh (Chair),
- Jayne Clarke (Secretary)
- Erica Davis (Treasurer)